Basement ideas – six cellar conversions to inspire your renovation

Aug 10, 2022 | Property News

From a cinema room to an airy kitchen, if you are looking to make the most of your basement conversion then we have some ideas for inspiration.

Moving house in London is expensive and a major hassle, so it is no wonder that an increasing number of Londoners are choosing to stay put and improve their homes to accommodate their growing families by expanding downwards and building a basement conversion.

Here we have put together seven of the most popular ways to make use of the extra space downstairs.

A home office

Home office

Millions of people have worked from home over the last few years, and whilst some already had the space and quiet to get their work done others quickly saw the difficulty of trying to work amongst the hustle and bustle of a family home.

Basements are well insulated and therefore tend to be quieter than other areas of the house and so make a perfect location for a home office. Just make sure that you have a good internet connection downstairs as the insulation also means that WiFi signals sometimes struggle to penetrate, but a wired of modern mesh WiFi setup should work well.

A children’s playroom

Basement children's playroom by Good London Builders

If you would prefer the above-ground area of your home to be a little quieter, then adding a kids playroom to your basement is a great way to let your little ones make as much noise as they want without disturbing the rest of you.

Depending on the age of your children, this room could feature a gym play centre and rubber flooring alongside other soft furnishings, or comfy sofas a big television and game consoles but your kids will always appreciate an entertainment room of their own.

A secluded music room

Music studio

If you are a keen musician or your children have taken up learning an instrument at school then the basement is the perfect location for a dedicated music room. It may be that you are trying to record a track and need to block out outside noise, or your child has just started playing the drums and you want to keep in the thumping – either way a basement room is easier to soundproof and a great place for everybody to play their instruments away from the rest of the house.

A bright and airy basement kitchen

Basement kitchen by Good London Builders

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and so many people do not consider moving their kitchen downstairs as part of a basement conversion. But with the right choices you can create a bright and airy kitchen downstairs, leaving you more living space above ground.

Basements that have steps to the garden can make great kitchens, as not only will these glass doors bring natural light into the room, but the second entrance/exit can also help with conforming to fire safety regulations and aid with ventilation.

Polished concrete floors are easy to clean and reflect light so are a good choice for a basement kitchen, and interior designers recommend white tiles and bright white or yellow walls to make the room feel as light and airy as possible despite its location.

A wine cellar

Wine cellar

Basements naturally stay cooler than the rest of the house, which is why wines have been stored in cellars for millennia. If you are interested in wine and have started or are looking to start building a collection, whether for consumption or investment, then a wine cellar is a must.

A wine cellar is a great use for a small basement room, or a darker section of a conversion as there is no need to add a lightwell or any other source of natural light, and keeping the bottles out of sight should mean there is less chance of any accidental breakages.

A swimming pool and sauna

Basement swimming pool

Outdoor swimming pools are more common, but basements provide a luxurious location for a pool. A basement has a concrete floor and no weight limitations, and so structurally is an ideal location for a pool, and basement pools are also less expensive to operate as they maintain their heat better than open alternatives. They are also more likely to be used all year round, in contrast to open pools which are often only used during the hot summer months.

For those with a little more space underground, the pool could be accompanied with a sauna or steam room, or even a home gym.

Are you looking to extend your London home downwards and convert an existing cellar or dig out a new structure? Contact Good London Builders today to discuss your options by phone on 0207 978 5097 or online via our contact form.

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